How the
are made

Handcrafted by donut engineers

Jupiter Donut Factory opened its doors in 2012, and we as the new owners took over in 2013.

Our bakers start at the wee early hours of midnight (sometimes sooner) to start frying and baking. We take pride in our fresh never frozen donuts. We produce as many donuts as we are able to without compromising our products freshness.

We start with the freshest ingredients and handcraft each and every donut. Starting at midnight our donut engineers begin the process of creating the fresh donuts you crave. We open at 6am so you better get here early.


Opened Doors






Full Bellies

One day at a time

Our Donut Engineers Are Hard At Work For You

All our bagels, croissants, and southern style sausage gravy are made fresh every night. Real eggs, deli sliced American cheese, bacon, ham, sausage or a Trenton New Jersey favorite: the pork roll. Each sandwich is made to order and with our coffee is the perfect breakfast.


We are 7 locations and growing

Choose your location, order ahead of time, and then pick it up. It's never been so easy.

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